February 19th Yakima River Fishing Report

The Yakima River is still dropping and in good condition, we are expecting some cooler temps this upcoming week, so that could possibly slow the fishing down just a little. The flows should continue to drop to the normal low winter flows.

If you are looking for something to do this upcoming Saturday, our crew will be in Leavenworth at the Snowy Owl Theatre attending the F3T Fly Fishing Film Tour, check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts for more details.

We will also be doing a Spring on the Yakima seminar on Thursday March 1ST, where our guides will be giving you all of the info you will need for the upcoming spring season on the Yakima River. This event will be at the Orvis Bellevue store, the event starts at 6pm. The seminar is totally free and no need to pre register. There will also be pizza and beverages as well, and Orvis Bellevue will have the brand new H3 rod to demo, as well as specials and discounts that evening for all attending.

Yakima River Fishing Report August 28th 2017

The Flip Flop has begun on the Yakima river, they are gradually lowering the water each day. The river is in great shape right now. We have been fishing smaller stonefly patterns in the morning, still fishing pretty tight to the grass where there is depth against the bank, and where the banks get a little shallow we are concentrating on the deeper seams off of the bank. Midday we are throwing hoppers in the same type of water, and doing some nymphing midday with small caddis nymphs and smaller stonefly nymphs. In the evenings we have been fishing the stoneflies as well as some caddis closer to dusk. With the flip flop beginning, don't forget to pull off of the banks some now, we have been catching alot of our fish off of the banks and in the deeper slots.

Yakima River Fishing Report

Yakima River Fishing Report

The Powers-That-Be have been dumping water out of Lake Cle Elum, in an effort to help sockeye salmon smolt out-migrate from the lake to the river to, eventually, the ocean. This most recent push of water hasn't dirtied the river up too bad, although the fishing has been a little tough over the last 24 hours or so. It looks like the river may continue to rise throughout the week, with warm air temperatures creating runoff from snowmelt in some of our tributary sreams, as well as increased release from the dams. Our advice for the time being is to lay low and keep a sharp eye on the graphs. When the river starts dropping, the fishing should pick back up again.