The First of February and a Weekend Outlook

Back to our scheduled program…

The blue skies and and sunshine we had at the beginning of the week are gone and the clouds and gray weather are back. It's been a bit cooler the last couple mornings and the river is on a drop. The weekend looks to be a bit warmer with air temperatures in the upper 40s. Look for a slight increase in flows with the higher temps and a chance for precipitation. 2019 just can't decide if it wants to be spring yet! 


Here’s what to look forward to this weekend

The fishing remains consistent on the Yakima. Fish are schooled up on drop-offs and at the mouth of creeks feeding into the main river. Look for slow water (walking pace) that butts up against faster currents. Where there's one fish, there will be more so stay and fish a while if you hook one. 

Our hot nymph patterns right now include:

  • Pat's Stoneflies (#8-12) in coffee, black, and green/black

  • Lightning Bugs (#14-20) in black, purple, and gold

  • Worms (San Juan's and Squirmie Worms) in red, pink, and red/pink

  • Midges (#14-20) in black, brown, and green

    • Zebra Midges

    • WD-40s

    • RS2s

Fish are looking to eat streamers on the swing and on the strip right now as well. This is one of the best times of year to focus on large fish willing to eat a big meal. Our hot streamer patterns right now include:

  • Sculpzillas (#4-8) in natural sculpin colors of green and black

  • Sparkle Minnows (#4-10) in gold and olive

For an in-depth look on how we are fishing our nymphs and streamers right now, check out our blog post from earlier this week.