Fishing Outlook for Week of September 24th, 2018

Fall fishing has been great on the Yakima and if you are looking to squeeze in another fishing trip before the winter, now is the time! With cooler nights and warmer afternoons, we are seeing some great sub-surface action early in the day, with the possibility for some dry fly or dry/dropper fishing in the afternoons.

Upper River: Fishing a dry/dropper rig consisting of a chubby in purple or pink trailed by a #14 YB Hare's Ear has been productive throughout the day, with some opportunity to raise fish on October Caddis or stonefly dries during the afternoon hours. If you are looking for eats on top, a #8 orange Stimi, peacock PMX or purple Chubby are all getting some looks. Really any big dry fly should get a few fish looking up, and don't be afraid to twitch and skate your big bugs this time of year.

Farmlands: Dry/dropper rigs with the aforementioned YB Hare's Ear have been the name of the game here, although there are still plenty of craneflies around, and some fish willing to eat them. This section of river is very skinny this time of year, so if you are floating in a fiberglass boat be prepared to leave some paint on the rocks.

Canyon: Nymphing the deeper runs and buckets with a Pat's Stone in black or orange/brown trailed by a #18-20 BWO nymph will pick fish up early in the day, with fish coming to October Caddis or a dry/dropper rig midday in the faster water. There are plenty of BWO popping in the afternoons, but the bright sun has made for less than ideal dry fly conditions. A few rainy, cloudy days could make for some awesome small dry-fly fishing in the canyon.