Yakima River Fishing Outlook: Week of September 17th, 2018

Early fall fishing has been nothing short of spectacular! The river has leveled off and we should see low flows through the rest of the season. This means great river conditions for both boat anglers as well as those fishing on foot. The river is fishing well from top to bottom, and where you fish is often dictated by how personal preference and the style of fishing you prefer.

Upper River: The upper Yakima has been fishing well, especially with dry flies. Although there are still a few short-wing stones around, October Caddis and Craneflies have been stealing the show. Morrish's October Caddis or an orange Stimulator in #8-10 is a great OC imitation, and for craneflies, a Gypsy King in purple or royal #8-10 has been working as well as anything. Remeber that both these bugs move plenty on the water, so skating an skittering your dry flies will lead to some vicious takes!

Farmlands: Very similar to the upper, although the dry-dropper fishing has been slightly better than the stand-alone dry fly. Plenty of Cranes aroud as well as a few OC. A YB Hare's Ear or Jigged PT in #14 has been a great dropper fly. There is some techy small water around in this stretch which has made for some great wade opportunity.

Canyon: The canyon has been more of a sub-surface fishery aso of late, with a few opportunities at some dry-fly eaters in the afternoon. Nymphing a Pat's stone in #8-10 trailed by a small (#16-20) BWO imitiation has been picking fish up in the deeper buckets and runs. Small flies can mean light takes, so when nymphing this time of year, consider running a yarn indicator for detecting those subtle takes.

Some of the best fishing of the year is happening right now. Come get in on the fun, it'll be winter before you know it!