Yakima River Flip-Flop Fishing Report

With only a few days left in August, we are looking forward to September and our early fall fishing on the Yakima River.

Short-wing stoneflies are still getting plenty of looks early in the morning, with terrestrials like hoppers and ants, as well as a few craneflies keeping a few opportunistic fish looking up in the middle of the day. Fishing a dry-dropper with a big foam bug trailed by a YB Hare's Ear, Jigged PT or smaller Pat's in tan, brown or orange has also been getting plenty of love when the sun is high.

With the river starting to drop hard, we are seeing the fish pull away from the banks, so look for some of the mid-river buckets and shelves to start producing as we roll into September. We are seeing a few Craneflies bouncing around, and the October Caddis pupa are moving around underneath the surface, so now is the time to start stocking your boxes with both of these fall favorites. In addition to Oct. Caddis and Cranes, the short-wing stone hatch should continue to stay strong into the middle of the month.