Yakima River Fishing Report

The river is slowly starting to drop as the irrigation season comes to an end, and those who have been floating and fishing the Yakima on a regular basis this summer are definitely noticing the impacts of the drop.

With the water receding the fish are starting to pull off of the banks and seeking out the heavier riffles where there is still 2-4 ft. of depth. Sometimes this is still failry close to the bank, sometimes it is off the bank substantially. Looking for the last heavy seam before the water begins to shallow is a good place to start. Fishing has been a little slower this week, probably due to a combination of dropping flows and the short-wing stone hatch quieting down. Fishing early is still the best way to go, keeping the best interest of the fish as well as the angler in mind. We are still seeing some warm water temps in the afternoon hours, so putting on and taking off early will minimize stress on the fish as well as provide the best fishing opportunity, especially if you are looking ot toss dry flies.

Chubbies, Gypsy Kings, PMX, Glomers and the like are still getting it done, though we've been having to work a little harder for them over the past few days. Smaller attractor dries like JC Specials, Humpies, and Parawullffs are also getting eaten and as the day begins to warm mid-morning, ants and hopper patterns are a good bet. If the topwater action slows down, dropping a Pat's Stone, Jigged PT or YB HAre's Ear off the back of your dry should find a few fish.