Water Temperature Update and Fall Fishing on the Horizon!

There is not much new to report on the fishing front midweek. Big dry-flies are still catching plenty of fish, with stonefly dries getting fish looking up during the first few hours of daylight, with hoppers and ants getting some love once the sun hits the water mid-morning. The fish have seen plenty of chubbies so mixing up your fly selection with some lower riding patterns like Gypsy Kings and PMXs for stoneflies and Dave's or Joe's Hoppers for the terrestrial fishing will pay off.

Wde are still seeing water temps in the high 60's throughout much of the river during the afternoon and evening hours, so fishing early in the morning and getting off the water by noon is the best way to go to keep the fish happy. If you can only fish afternoons, the stretch of river around Cle Elum (South Cle Elum-State access) has the coolest water, although once the temps hit 68 it is a good idea to stop fishing.

We are only a few weeks away from flip-flop, when the river begins to draw down at the end of the irrigation season, and we will hopefully see some cooler weather once the calendar turns to Spetember. Fall flows will provide great access for anglers fishing on foot, as well as anglers in drift boats, rafts and smaller pontoons and Watermasters, and the fishing can be spectacular as the fish are still looking for stoneflies and hoppers, as well as October Caddis snd Craneflies. We are looking forward to a cahnge in the seasons and in flows. Hope to see you out here!