Yakima River Fishing Report

It's hard to believe that we are almost into the month of August...this early summer season has flown by! The fishing on the Yakima has been pretty damn awesome lately, with fish still looking up for caddis, stoneflies, the random drake or PMD, and with warm, dry weather we've had, we are not far off from seeing some great fishing on terrestrail insects like ants, beetles, and hoppers

Summer time is dry-fly season on the Yakima, and now is the time to be fishing on top! Early mornings have not been red hot, but we are seeing some nice fish looking up for stonefly dries. PMX, Chubbies and Clodhoppers are getting fish in the net early in the day, but it definitely fels like more of a quality vs. quantity thing in the mornings. Midday fishing is pretty slow, although during the latter part of our morning floats (and the early portion of our evening floats) our guides are seeing some success dropping a tungsten beahead or smaller Pat's off the back of a big dry-fly. When fishing a dry-dropper, target the faster water with some structure and 2-4 ft. of depth, that's where fish will be during the warmer parts of the day (more dissolved oxygen in the water). Evenings have provided some great dry-fly opportunity with fish keying in on stoneflies as well as adult and emerging caddis. A chubby trailed by an elk hair or CDC emerger in #14-16 has been a great searching rig, but for targeting a fish that is feeding consistently, an adult caddis trailed by an emerger has been sealing the deal.

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