Summer Stonefly Hatch Update

t's a great time to be a fly angler on the Yakima River. Warm weather, cold water, and one of the summer's best hatches coming into it's prime: the Short-Wing Stone, known to many as the Summer Stone. Although we have been catching fish on big, foamy, leggy dries for close to a month now, we have not seen a huge number of naturals on the banks or in the water until this last weekend. When a few of our guides seeing fresh shucks on the rocks, along with a few big females skittering across the water. What does this mean to you, the angler? It means get out here! The fish have been looking up early in the morning and late in the evening, so plan to fish a half day and stay off the water when the sun is bright and the tubers are out in force. Fishing the edges of the day also makes the most sense when targeting the Summer Stone hatch, since these bugs are mostly nocturnal and the fish will focus most of their feeding when light is low.

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Best bugs:

Chubby Chernobyl (uv tan, purple, pink) #10-12 Glomer #8-10 PMX (peacock, royal) #8-12 Clodhopper (peach, pink, purple) #8-10 Half Chernobyl (tan, black) #10 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock, tan) #14-16 CDC Caddis (gray, tan) #14-16

Creek Fishing.JPG