July Fishing Outlook and Shameless Guide Trip Plug

We've seen some solid fishing over the past month, and now that the calendar reads July, our guides are getting ready for some of the best dry-fly fishing of the year.

July on the Yakima River is big dry-fly season, and although we will see fish up eating caddis, PMDs and drakes this month, the bulk of the topwater activity is centered around one bug: the short-wing stonefly. Short-wing stones are largely nocturnal, so the best fishing this time of year is often early in the morning and late in the evening.

While these bugs are tan in color and range from size 8-12, our guides have found their best days have been on smaller patterns (generally sizes 10-12) with fly color ranging from natural tans and browns to purple, royal and even red. Because these flies are often fished in low-light, a fly that floats high with an easy-to-see parachute post or poly yarn wing is a must. Some of our favorite patterns include Chubby Chernobyls, PMXs, Stimulators, and Bugmeisters.

If you like dry-fly fishing paired with shorts, flip-flops, cold beer, and warm summer day, you need to experience the summer stonefly hatch on the Yakima River. If you also like BBQ riverside dinners, and enjoy fishing more than rowing, check out our Primetime Special, which includes two guided half days of fishing (one evening, one morning), lodging, dinner and breakfast, as well as any gear you may need. Our friendly, professional guide staff is ready to take you fishing! Give us a call at (509) 607-1804 to book now! Send us an email at info@ellensburgangler.com to answer any questions you might have.

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