Yakima River Fishing Report

We are deep into the summer season now, with air temps hanging around 100 degrees for the last several days in the valley. With the hot weather, there is no need to be out fishing during the middle of the day; fishing the early morning or late evening hours will provide some great dry-fly opportunity, and you'll be a lot more comfortable to boot.

Stoneflies and caddis are still getting the fishes attention, although there have been some PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Drakes thrown in there as well. A chubby in royal or purple trailed by an elk hair or cdc emerger is still getting it done, although some days the fish seem to want a caddis adult/emerger combo and shy away from the big bug.


Chubby Chernobyl (royal, purple, uv tan) #10-12 PMX (peacock, royal) #8-12 Clodhopper (peach, pink, purple) #10-12 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock, tan) #14-16 CDC emerger (tan, gray) #14-16 Chubby Sally #14