Yakima River Fishing Report

I will keep this brief, not much has changed since our last report. Good fishing throughout the day; big dries in the mornings before the sun hits the water, nymphing midday with stonefly nymphs and small droppers such as lightning bugs, pheasant tails, and hare's ears. In the evening we have seen fish looking up for caddis as well as stones, and a chubby in purple or uv tan trailed by an elk hair caddis has covered both hatches nicely. Finding stretches of river where you can tuck out of the wind has been crucial to fishing success, and although it's hard to get away from it completly, there are stretches that are more sheltered than others. Overall, the Yakima is in great shape and fishing well for early summer. Get out here and enjoy warm weather and active fish!

Todd Caddis Fishing.jpg