Yakima River Dry Fly Report

We're almost three weeks into June and the fishing keeps getting better on the Yakima. We are seeing more and more dry-fly activity early and late in the day in the canyon and farmalnds, with fish looking up midday in the upper river. Although summer fishing in this part of the world is synonomous with big, leggy dry flies, and they are definitely taking fish right now, we have some great evening caddis hatches as well as PMD hatches midday.

Some of our guide's go-to's have been Chubby Chernobyls in UV tan, purple, and royal in #8-12, peacock elk haired caddis in #14-16, CDC caddis emergers in #14-16 and parachute PMDs in #14-16.

Early on we are still getting away with larger fly sizes and simple patterns, but as summer wears on look for fish to get picky. For pressured fish try downsizing fly size, or going with a low-riding or slimmer profile fly. One more thing, remember to give the fish time to eat your dry fly! We all are guilty of pulling the fly out of the fishes mouth from time-to-time, but waiting for the fish to eat the fly completely before striking, especially with larger patterns will pay big dividends. Have fun and see you out on the water!

Sunset Bent Rod.JPEG