Summer Fishing Season on the Yakima

Memorial Day weekend is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer, and here in the Kittitas Valley, it is also the time of year when things start feeling "summery" out on the water. Runoff is now behind us and we are seeing more and more hatch activity on our local rivers.

Caddis are still going strong, with fish looking up for ovi-positing adults as well as emergers when the sun is off the water. Carrying a dedicated dry-fly rod rigged with a high-floating adult such as an elk hair or parachute caddis, trailed by a cdc emerger is always a good idea this time of year, and makes switching from sub-surface fishing to the dry quick and easy.

Golden Stones are also very active this month, and big foam stonefly imitations tight to the bank is quintessential summer fly-fishing. If the fish aren't committing to the dry, try dropping a tungsten beadhead fly 18-36" below your dry for the ultimate "two-fer."

We also see some great mayfly hatches this time of year, namely Pale Morning Duns (PMD) and Green Drakes. In general, hatches and fishing will be best when there are overcast skies and some humidity in the air. Generally we'll see both PMDs and Drakes come off mid-morning to early afternoon, although that is not always a hard and fast rule. Fish can key in on mayfly adults, as well as emergers and cripples, so make sure to carry a number of different patterns to imitate all life stages.

Our summer season is just getting started, and there is a lot to look forward to in the next 3 months. If you are heading our way to fish, give us a call at (509) 607-1804 for current river info and a fishing report. If you would like to experience the Yakima from a drift boat rowed by a member of our friendly guide staff, get in touch so we can get you out on the water!