Yakima River Fishing Report

We hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, and remembering our fallen heroes while you spend time with friends and family, regardless of if you are on the water or not.

The Yakima is still big, but the river is kicking out a few fish, although the higher flows have meant you have to work a little bit harder, both fishing or rowing. There are still plenty of caddis around, and there have been some fish looking up for dries and emergers right around dusk. A #12-14 peacock elk hair trailed by a cdc emerger in similar sizes should get some love from fish feeding on top. Sub-surface, there are a ton of options for the fish this time of year, and cycling thrihgh different patterns and presentations is often neccessary until you find what the fish are liking. Dry-dropper and deep nymphing will both produce, with a myriad of aquatic nymphs in the drift, such as stoneflies, caddis pupa, PMD nymphs, drake nymphs, and many more. A few guide-favorite bugs for late spring/early summer are Pat's Stones, YB Hare's Ears, Gold Lightning Bugs, CDC Princes, Psycho Princes and Silvey's Caddis Pupa. Golden Stones will become a viable option for dry-fly anglers as May turns to June, along with PMDs and Green Drakes, especially on cloudy days. For right now, stick with nymphing midday and looking for fish eating caddis right before dark to put fish in the net consistently.

The river should continue to drop, and fishing should continue to improve as we roll in to June. Lots of good fishing coming in the next few months, so get out on the water if you can!

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