Yakima River Update

It looks like we have finally turned the corner with runoff, and the river is currently on the start of what looks to be a very hard drop. Granted, flows were hanging around close to the 10,000 cfs mark, so it will be a litle while before we are to fishable flows, but we'll take good news where we can get it. If the 10 day forecast proves to be correct, it looks like we will be back on the water again starting around the 1st of June. It may happen sooner than that, or later, but for right now beginning of the month is our best guess.

While the bulk of the Mother's Day hatch has come and gone, there will still be plenty of caddis in and on the water during the month of June, with Golden Stones, Green Drakes and PMDs rounding out the fish's diet. Although I wouldn't imagine the big dry-fly bite will be incredible at the beginning of the month, there should be a few fish looking up, with the bite getting better the further we roll into June. Dry-dropper fishing with a chubby trailed by a tungsten bead prince or hare's ear should take fish in the coming weeks, as well as targeting fish actively feeding on caddis and PMDs. Lots to look forward to on the Yakima, it's almost time!

David Rainbow.JPG