Yakima River Fishing Report: April 2nd, 2018

Over the weekend we saw some rain and cloud cover, and the March Browns were out in force in the early afternoon. From about 1:30-2:30 pm the fish were looking up for adult mayflies as well as emergers fished in the surface film. A winning combo seemed to be a #12 Bullethead Skwala trailed by a #14 MB Klinkhammer, most fish ate the smaller bug, but we had a few nice eats on the Skwala as well! For the best shot at some dry-fly action, focus on the stretch of water between Bighorn and MM20 in the early afternoon. Cloud cover can make or break the mayfly fishing, so midweek looks good for overcast skies and even a little rain.

Nymphing early in the day has continued to be productive with an olive Rubberlegs trailed by either a flashback PT or San Juan. Changing depth and/or weight until you find what the fish are liking can really up your numbers when nymphing; if you're not picking up fish, change it up. We haven't been fishing the streamer much this week, but reports from the meat-chucking crowd have indicated there are a few fish out there looking to eat the streamer. This is the time of year we start to see the smaller fish get active, as well as increasing numbers of salmon smolt on their journey to the Columbia, make sure to carry some flashy minnow patterns in your box.

Spring Bow.JPG