Yakima River Fishing Report: March 30th, 2018

It's incredible that we are just about out of March and rolling in to April this weekend. The Skwalas made a good showing this year, and we saw some beautiful fish up eating the dry fly earlier in the month, but over the last week the big bug action has definitely cooled off. We are seeing more and more March Brown nymphs showing up in the drift, as well as a few random adults here and there, but we are still waiting for things to really get rolling with the small dry-fly fishing.

For the time being, nymphing has been the best way to put fish in the net, with Rubberlegs, PTs, Hare's Ears and San Juans taking fish. If staring at indicators isn't your thing, an olive Chubby with a tungsten dropper has been picking up some fish in the rock gardens and pocket water, and there are still a few fish looking up to eat the dry as well as the dropper. Streamer fishing has been getting better over the past few weeks, esecially on days with cloud cover. Sculpzillas, Dolly Llamas and Little Rascals in black, white and olive/white fished in the soft water with a slow retrieve should move a few fish if you are looking for a tight line grab.

With March Browns right around the corner we will hopefully see some small dry-fly fishing here very soon. Keep an eye on the weather and look for cloudy days with light wind, when this happens the mayfly fishing should pop!

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