Yakima River Spring Fishing Report: March 22nd, 2018

As I sit here writing this report, it is dumping rain and I am glad I am not on the river! The dams started pushing water late last night, and the graphs are showing a steep spike upward. It looks like the Umtanum gauge is expected to level off around 3400 cfs some time tomorrow. This bump in volume will most likely put the fishing off for a day or two, but seeing as how most of the water is coming from dam release (generally pretty clean), it hopefully won't be too long until we're fishing again.

If you have plans to head out over the weekend, keep an eye on the gauges and if you do decide to fish, bring plenty of stonefly nymphs and worm patterns, and for all you meat chuckers out there, larger profile patterns in white or black (white for brighter day, black for darker) are go-tos this time of year. Stay tuned, we will keep our fishy blog readers updated through the weekend.

Easton Gauge.jpg