Yakima River Fishing Report and Skwala Update

Here we are in the month of March and our guide staff could not be more excited. After a few months of hunting, skiing, tying flies (and even some days fishing, not rowing!) we are ready to get back on the sticks and put some trout in the net.

The river is in great shape from top to bottom, and although we have not seen any adult Skwalas yet, we are VERY close. A quick river seine during a Wednesday fun float turned up a good number of stonefly nymphs, so as the weather starts to warm up we should see these nymphs migrate towards the banks where they wil eventually emerge. For now, fishing a Pat's in olive or brown (#8-10) trailed by a San Juan in either pink or pink/red should produce in the typical winter buckets and troughs.

Streamer fishing is still a little slow, but there have been some signs of improvement so if you're willing to sacrifice numbers for a shot at a few larger specimens, go for it! We have seen a few fish picked up on flashier patterns like Sparkle Minnows in olive/gold and Montana Intruders in gold/white. Keep an eye on the weather, it looks like we will see temps hanging around 50 degrees by the end of the week, which may be enough to get the fish looking up. Stay tuned fishy friends...

Shadow 2.JPG