December Yakima River/Rocky Ford Fishing Report

Good fishing for early December here on the Yakima, as well as further east at Rocky Ford spring creek. The remainder of this week is looking cold, but the there should still be some opportunity to wet a line, although it would be wise to focus on the warmest part of the day, from 12pm-4pm.

Yakima: Nymphing has been and will be the best way to put fish in the net. It is worm season in the Kittitas Valley, and a pink San Juan trailed behind a Pat's can be absolutely deadly this time of year. If the worm is not fishing, a small beadhead dropper imitating a BWO nymph or midge pupa should get some interest. Brassies, WD-40s, Lightning Bugs and Copper Johns in #18-20 are good places to start. Streamer fishing, although not always the best bet for big numbers of fish in the net, will be your best way to target bigger fish, and nothing warms you up faster on a cold winter day than a vicious grab on a swung or stripped streamer. Sculpin imitations are really effective this time of year, and it is hard to beat a Sculpzilla bumped along the bottom of the river. Low and slow is the key most days, especially when the mercury drops, so if you are not finding bottom every once in a while, switch to a heavier sink-tip, or slow down your retrieve. Black, olive and brown are all go-to colors in the winter months, although in off-color water black and/or white will generally show up better.

Rocky Ford: Our guides have been able to sneak out to the Ford a few times over the past few weeks, and, per usual, there have been some nice fish caught, although some days they seem to give it up easier than others. Scuds, San Juans, midge pupa, and egg patterns have all been catching fish, along with streamers like a Dali Llama or Zonker stripped through the flats. The cloudy weather we have seen over the past few days has provided some opportunity for scattered dry-fly opportunity, but with things clearing up and getting cold, there will probably be less opportunity to catch fish on top.

Todd Rocky Ford.JPG