Central Washington Weekend Outlook

If you are able to sneak away from holiday commitment and do some fishing, it is looking like a great weekend to be flinging flies in Central Washington. Although there aren't a huge array of options for anglers targeting trout this time of year, both the Yakima River and Rocky Ford are consistent winter fisheries that have something to offer no matter your interests in techique or skill-level.

Yakima River: Although the Yak took a bump this week, it is on the drop and VERY fishable. Nymphing the standard winter fare will produce in the softer water with 4-6' of depth, as will streamer fishing on either the swing or a slow-strip retrieve. Although the increase in flows was slight, it was enough to shuffle the fish around, so look for them in the slowest water possible (that still holds current). Inside corners, slow drop-offs and the areas downstream of islands or creek mouths where channels converge are all excellent places to look for fish right now.

Rcoky Ford: A few of our guides spent some time fun-fishing Rocky Ford this week, and found success fishing scuds, small mayfly patterns and egg imitations sub-surface. Streamer fishing is a good option on Rocky Ford as well, and can lead to some exciting fishing, as you can oftentimes see fish chasing your fly well before they eat it. Big bunny leeches or Dali Llamas in olive or olive/white have been proven producers, although a variety of patterns and color combos will catch fish. Although there have been a few fish loooking up, the dry-fly fishing has not been incredibly reliable on the Ford as of late. That being said, it is not a bad idea to carry a few small (#18-20) parachute patterns like the Purple Haze or Adams, as well as a generic emerger like a Smokejumper or RS-2, in case you find fish keying in on midge or BWO.

We hope you have a great holiday season, and if you get out this weekend, tight lines!