Yakima River Weekend Outlook

Although this work week saw warmer than average temperatures which melted most of the snow on the valley floor, the river stayed in surprisingly good shape, with a very minor bump in flows that has not adversely affected clarity or fishing.

It looks like a good weekend for fishing on the Yakima, with relatively nice weather for mid-December through most of Saturday and Sunday. Fishing will be best during the warmest part of the day, so there is no need to rush to get on the water first thing. I am going to sound like a broken record when I say that 99% of productive fishing in the winter is done sub-surface, both nymphing and streamer fishing, and that should be the case for this weekend as well.

Nymphing has been more productive than streamer fishing most days, although there have been a few days when the streamer is coming in a close second productivity-wise. If you are fishing under an indicator, a Pat's trailed by a pink San Juan or midge pupa/BWO nymph imitation 4-6' down has been tough to beat. For streamer anglers, the low and clear conditions we have seen have meant downsizing fly size and going with natural colors like olive and black. Although the air temps are warmer than what we usually see this time of year, the water is still cold, so stick with a slow strip-retrieve or swing.

Good luck out there this weekend! There is a big bump forecasted for the coming week, so this weekend may be your last opportunity to fish for awhile. Have fun and stay warm fishy friends!

Alex fishing wide angle.jpg