Transitioning Into Winter

The Yakima saw a bump in flows last weekend due to the weather we received last week. Visibility was low and there was a lot of debris in the water. The river looks to be on the drop now, so we should see our regular flows again by the weekend, weather permitting.

If you're interested in getting out and trying your hand at another fishery, check out Rocky Ford Spring Creek. Located just outside of Ephrata off of State Route 17, Rocky Ford has consistent flows and clairty all winter. When other bodies of water are blown out or dirty, "The Ford" is the place to be. You have opportunities casting at rainbow trout up to 10 pounds, with fish over 20 inches not uncommon. Even if you don't hook into one of these fish, you will be able to see them in the crystal clear water.

Some of our guide staff ventured out to Rocky Ford this past weekend to check out the fishing. The guides had consistent success on parachute Bluewing Olive (#18-20) patterns on the surface. Watch for hatches to stir up as the temperatures rise throughout the day. Fish were also happy to take a dead-drifted Orange Scud (#14-18) under an indicator. Scuds are a main food source for the trout at Rocky Ford, so take a box full of them. Play around with different colors and sizes to find out what they like on the specfifc day you're there.

If you enjoy chucking streamers, a White/Olive Sparkle Minnow (#8-10) can produce some massive takes and some insane chases. Since the water is so clear, you can often watch the fish chase and inhale your fly.

There is still some considerable weed growth in the creek right now. This makes fighting fish tough when they run for cover. Don't be afraid to really put a bend in your rod and put pressure on that fish to steer them around. As we get more nights below freezing, the weeds should start to die off and open up the creek a bit more.

Ellensburg Angler is starting their Rocky Ford Winter Special on November 15th. For $179.00 per person, you will receive six hours on the creek with one of our guides. We will provide you with any gear or tackle that you might need, as well as a hot meal. The special is a great way to get familiar with Rocky Ford if you're interested in learning about this unique fishery.

Watch the flows and the weather on the Yakima if your're looking to fish it this week. There are still some walk and wade opportunities, with more opening up as the river drops again. Try fishing brighter flies in the dirtier water so that they stick out more to the fish. And don't forget those streamers!

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