Yakima River December Outlook

November is wrapping up and the holiday season has begun. While many anglers shift gears from fishing to skiing or hibernation, those in the know put on a few extra layers and hit the water!

December is a great month for fly-fishing in central Washington, especially if you enjoy solitude and catching big fish. Winter fishing entails a lot of sub-surface fishing, whether nymphing or fishing streamers, and although there are not many dry-fly opportunities, the average size fish caught in the winter is much larger than any other time of year. This is because the big fish HAVE to eat every day to support their large body mass. Although we you won't generally put big numbers of fish in the net, the quality of the trout caught in the winter months more than makes up for any lack in quantity.

If you haven't yet experienced the winter fishery on the Yakima and want to learn the ins and outs of catching fish when its cold, check out our Winter Guide Trip Special. For $149 per person (based on double occupancy) you get 5 hours in a drift boat with a member of our Orvis-endorsed guide staff, as well as a hot lunch and all equipment you may need. We will be offering this special rate through February 28th, 2019, so call the office or send us an email to book your spot today!

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