Yakima River Winter Fishing Report and Skwala Update: January 29th, 2018

A few of our guides floated upriver yesterday from South-State, and besides some solid streamer fishing as well as a few nice fish on the San Juan worm, they also found a few Skwala nymphs kicking around in the drift. With the milder temps we have had this winter this is not surprising to be seeing the little olive stonefly nymphs this early, but it nevertheless has us looking forward to the coming of the first dry-fly opportunity of the year. Although we usually see the bulk of the Skwalas come off mid to late-March, a warm winter can mean adult stoneflies emerging as early as late February. The first couple weeks of March could be pretty awesome this year...just sayin'. Until then we will be out on the water chucking streamers and nymph rigs to our Yakima River trout. Look for the Pat's stonefly nymph in olive, maybe an #8 or 10, to come on VERY strong here in the next several weeks as the Skwala nymphs start moving towards the edges of the river.

Cutty Close-Up.JPG