Yakima River Fishing Report

It is HOT here in the Kittitas valley this week, with daytime highs well into triple digits. What does this mean for fishing? It puts a major emphasis on fishing early and late in the day. Midday fishing tends to be slower than the mornings and evenings, and when you throw high sun and hot weather in the mix, it makes for tough fishing conditions. The dry-fly bite has still been good when the sun is off the water, with fish keyed in on caddis and summer stones. Getting away from the chubby and going to low riding stonefly dries wih less foam and more deer/elk hair and hackle has been paying off for those imitating summer stones. Elk hair caddis and cdc emergers have also been putting fish in the net, and some nights the smaller caddis patterns are outfishing the big dries by a large margin. The morning bite has been getting better and better so don't be afraid to get out early!