Yakima River Fishing Report

We're smack dab in the middle of summer and fishing has been good on the Yakima, although after a few weeks of heavy pressure the fish are getting to big foam bugs and beefy leaders. We are still seeing plenty of fish caught on chubbies, although stepping down to a #12 versus #8-10 has been getting a little more love the past few days. Hair-wing stuff like PMXs and Stimis are getting a lot of love as well right now. Regardless of what kind of flies you are fishing, presentation is key. Sloppy casts and flies dragging across the water at Mach 10 will not get it done this time of year. If you are in a driftboat, focus on short, accurate casts and drag-free drifts. Hoppers are starting to get some attention midday, as are ant and beetle patterns, and the terrestrial fishing should continue to improve as we move into August and the stonefly bite slows down. Nymphing miday is still producing plenty of fish in the 8-12" range with a few larger ones mixed in. Pat's Stones, YB Hare's Ears and Copper johns have all been effective, don't be afraid to mix it up until you find ehat the fish are liking, because it can definitely change from day-to-day.


#10-12 Chubby Chernobyl (royal, tan, purple)

#10-12 PMX (royal, tan, purple)

#10-12 Bugmeister

#10-12 Morrish Hopper (pink, tan)

#10-14 Dave's Hopper

#14 YB Hare's Ear

#10 Pat's Stone (Coffee/Black, Brown/Tan)

#14-16 Copper John (red, chartreuse)

#14-18 Lightning Bug (gold, pearl, purple)