Yakima River Fishing Report

We've had a windy couple of days on the river, but the Yak is fishing great from top to bottom both nymphing and dry-fly fishing. The big bugs are still stealing the show when the sun is off the water, although there have been some nice fish keying in on caddis as well. Nymphing midday with stonefly nymphs, tungsten bugs and generic attractor stuff like PTs, copper johns and hare's ears will put some fish in the net when the sun is bright. We are starting to see more and more grasshoppers kicking around the banks, so the terrestrial fishing should get going soon!


#8-10 Pat's Stone (Coffee/Black)

#14-16 Coppeer John (Red, Chartreuse)

#14-16 Hare's Ear

#14 YB Hare's Ear

#14-18 Lightning Bug (Purple, Gold)

#8-12 Chubby Chernobyl (Purple, Royal, Tan)

#8-12 Bugmeister

#10-12 Stimulator (Tan, Royal)

#14-16 Elk Hair Caddis (Peacock, Tan)

#14-16 CDC Caddis