Yakima River Fishing Report

Wednesday afternoon/evening saw some some really tough fishing in the canyon, although the reason why has us baffled. The bugs were there, water and air temps were right...just no fish. Luckily, yesterday and this morning things have gotten back to normal with fish eating big dries and caddis both early and late. Dry-dropper or shallow indicator nymphing during the middle of the day with tungsten bugs. We are expecting to see lots of tubers in the canyon this weekend, so fishing early or late, or floating a less popular section like the farmlands will help you avoid the crowds.


#8-12 Chubby Chernobyl (purple, tan)

#8-12 Stimulator (royal, yellow, tan)

#8-12 PMX (royal, yellow, tan)

#14-16 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock, tan)

#14-16 CDC Caddis Emerger

#14 YB Hare's Ear

#12-14 Jigged PT

#14 Copper John (red, chartreuse)

#10-12 Pat's Stone (black/brown, tan/brown)