Yakima River Fishing Report

The fishing over the last couple days was "decent", with some nice fish being caught, although most days, you have to fight through the little dudes to get to the larger fish. That's okay though, every trout is a nice trout, regardless of size. Remember that! After a few weeks of lower than average summer flows, it looks like we will be seeing the river slowly bit surely ramp up to the 3500 cfs mark. This is a great thing for fish and anglers alike. More volume means colder water temps for the fish during the heat of summer, and it also gives the fish a stronger sense of security, meaning they are (slightly) less cagey and more aggressive to the fly. For now, fish off the banks in the deeper buckets and seam lines, nymphing stone/beadhead combos during the day and stonefly dries trailed by a caddis emerger of elk hair when the sun is off the water.