Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

The Yakima is back in shape! There's still some color, but the river has that nice green tint that just screams "FISH!" Mid-May is the time of year when the fish have a lot of options, with caddis, salmonflies, march browns, aquatic worms, salmon smolt and green drakes all playing a role in the fish's diet, whether it's on top or sub-surface. The moral of the story? Be prepared to change paterns, depths and techniques to find what the fish are liking, because it changes daily! This is a great time of year to be on the water, and although the fishing can be tough at times, it is often very rewarding when all the pieces fall into place. Keep an eye on the flows and hit the water when the flows are dropping or stable for at least 48 hours (like right now!). The weather is getting nice, so pack some sunscreen (or a buff), some cold beverages and an ample supply of bugs, and last but not least...have fun!