Yakima River Fishing Report

Still high and off-color here on the Yakima. It is looking like the river should start to drop hard towards the end of this week, but that is based off of the Northwest River Forecast Center's 10 day prediction, and can change at a moments notice. We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope. There are some other options for those wanting to expand their fly-fishing horizons. Bass fishing has really been picking up some steam with the warmer weather we've been having, and there has even been some topwater fishing, especially in the last hour of daylight (in the dark too!). Stillwater trout in the Columbia Basin are also another solid option for a few more weeks, this time of the year callibaetis mayflies start to hatch on our local lakes, and if you are a dry-fly angler, you do not want to miss this hatch! Keep an eye on this blog as well as the flow graph link at the bottom of our page, when the Yakima is back in shape, we will let you know.