Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

The Yakima fished well over the weekend, and depending on the section of river you were in, as well as the time of day you were on the water, there were fish eating caddis and march brown dries, as well as a variety of patterns nymphed under an indicator. Having two rods in the boat, one a dedicated nymphing rod, and one a dry fly rod, is a good idea this time of year, allowing you to switch between nymphing on the go and target fish feeding on dries without wasting time re-rigging. This is also the time of year when changing up float times can be advantageous. Fishing later in the day can provide a better chance at an evening caddis bite, while a midday float might give you a better shot at an afternoon march brown hatch. Just remember, spring fishing means constantly changing condtions, so don't be afraid to mix it up until you find what works.