Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

The fishing over the past few days has been pretty typical of early May. There are some nice fish being caught, although the fishing is changing a lot from day to day. Caddis, March Browns and Salmonflies are all on the menu, with good nymph fishing as well as some zone-specific dry-fly fishing. The river took a bump overnight due to rain, and with more rain and thunderstorms in the forecast for today, we might see even more water come down. Remember, there are 75 miles of fishable water on the Yakima, and if the tributary streams get mudy (the two main culprits after a rainstorm are Swauk Creek and the Teanaway), fishing up high in the sysytem, above the tribs, can be a great option. If you're stuck fishing dirtier water down low, the San Juan worm is always a great dirty water option!