Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

The Yak is back! Although it was running big and off-color, there was fishing to be had all weekend, with dries, nymphs and streamers all on the menu in different sections and pieces of water. We have started to see the transition from Skwalas to March Browns in the canyon, look for the big mayflies to start coming off around 1 pm, especially from MM20 upstream. There are still some fish to be had on Skwala dries, the key now is sparse patterns, longer leaders and perfect presentations. Sub-surface, a rubberlegs in olive or brown trailed by a #12-14 flashback PT is hard to beat in the month of April, although the San Juan worm will continue to produce fish throughout the spring. Streamer has not been red hot, but there are few fish to be had for those wanting to catch some fish on a tight line. As far as color goes, think black and white for your streamers with a larger profile, the water is going to have some color to it, even when the river is in shape, so more subtle colors like olive and tan won't get noticed as well. It looks like we will continue to see the same pattern of the river coming in and out of shape throughout the spring, which is not out of the ordinary given the amount of snowpack we have this year. If possible, keep your eye on the flows and save up those sick days, spring on the Yakima is hard to beat!