Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

The Yakima has dropped into shape nicely, and although the river below the Teanaway still has a greenish tint to it, it is definitely fishable from top to bottom. The flow predicitions for the next 10 days are looking good, and we should hopefully start to see the Skwala adults start to come off any day now. We have spent the last few days in the upper river but will have guides out in the canyon today and we will update you on the fishing in the lower river as soon as possible.

Best bugs right now include:

Pat's Stone SZ 10 Olive Pat's Stone SZ 08 Black/Brown Pink Worm SZ 08 Pink, Red, or Purple Mayfly nymphs like WD 40's or Black Copper Johns SZ 16,18 As soon as we see the Adult Skwalas think Bitteroot Skwala SZ 10, Bullet Head Skwala SZ 08, and Olive Chubby SZ 10.