Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

After a winter of ice flow and bitter cold, we were actually able to knock the snow off of the boat, string up the rods and do some fishing earlier this week! How was the fishing? Good...for the beginning of February. Nymphing was and will be the best way to catch fish, especially running a brace of nymphs like a Pat's Stone trailed by a San Juan Worm, a tick of split-shot, and the strike indicator of your choice. Streamers have also been puting some fish in the net, with a #8 Sculpzilla in either olive or black being a guide favorite this time of year. Remember, even though the weather has "warmed up" from earlier in the winter, we are still seeing daytime highs below the 32 degree mark, so dress warm, bring along a thermos of coffee (or a flask of something stronger) and focus on the warmest part of the day (noon-3pm).