Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

We had some pretty significant rain over the weekend which blew the river out, but it has dropped back in nicely and has been kicking out fish over the last 24 hours. A little bump of water every now and again in the fall is not a bad thing, and usually acts as a "reset" for the fishing. Nymphing or streamer fishing ealry in the day should be productive throughout the week, with a Pats/small beadhead combo working well for the nymphers, and smaller sculpin patterns like a #8 Sculpzilla in black or olive should get it done sub-surface. if you are chucking streamers and not finding fish, try slowing down your retrieve; the water is cold and oftentimes the fish won't chase flies a long way like they might in the warmer months. Dry-fly fishing should keep rolling,with Blue-Wings taking center stage as the weather really starts cooling down. There are still some big bugs like October Caddis and Craneflies kicking around, but our guide staff has been finding the small bugs to be much more consistent. Small (#16-18) Purple Haze, Parachute BWO, and BWO Comparaduns have all been picking up risers, and don't forget swinging soft hackles when the fish are being picky!

Fall Adipose.jpg