Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

It has been warm, almost tropical on the Yakima River, with daytime highs between 30-35 degrees. Talk about a heat wave! In all seriousness, it has warmed up (slightly) and there are some fish to be had for those willing to chip some ice out of their guides. We have had some sucess both nymphing and swinging flies on lightweight spey rods this week, athough the fishing has not been "red hot." It's winter, so it's good to have realsitic expectations. A few fish to hand is a good day right now, especially when you are fishing on foot, so keep a sharp eye on that indicator and focus on making good drifts and/or swings. Our best bugs nymphing have been the Sexy Walt's Worm in #16 as well as the always productive pink San Juan. If you are swinging streamers, it's hard to go wrong with a #8 olive Sculpzilla..this fl has plenty of movement and the articulated hook pins more fish when swinging down and across.