Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

Sorry for the delay in reports recently. The Yakima is fishing great for late-November, and with daytime temps feeling more like mid-October, now is the perfect time to catch a few trout and enjoy the solitude of the late season on the Yakima River. Nymphing a #10 brown Pat's trailed by a pink San Juan Worm has been the winning combination over the last 10 days or so. If you find the worm bite a little slow, try dropping a small (#18-20) Brassie or WD-40 off the back of your stonefly nymph. Swinging streamers on troy spey rods has also been a productive (not to mention REALLY FUN!!) option, with smaller Sculzillas in olive or tan fished on 10 feet of T-8 finding fish in the slower runs. With cold weather on it's way, look for fish in water slower than walking speed, and when you find one, keep fishing, because there are probably more around! Tight lines!