A Quick Rocky Ford Report

Rocky Ford and warmwater fishing in the basin have been our go-to's this year with prolonged high water on the Yakima. Our guides have run a number of trips on Rocky Ford over the past several weeks, with the fishing being a hit, or miss, depending on the day and the conditions. Today was definitely one of the "hit" days. With little to no wind, sight-fishing small (#16-18)olive and orange scuds and BWO nymphs was productive throughout the day. Having the opportunity to sight-fish small flies to big fish is one of the many reasons why anglers choose to return to this oftentimes challenging spring creek throughout the year. Although there was not much hatch activity today, we did see evidence of a few Callibaetis spinners, so make sure to have along some tan parachute patterns as well as a few Hare's Ear cripples in #14-16 to match these medium-sized mayflies. There have not been many reports of people doing exceptionally well on streamers, but a cloudy day could produce a good streamer bite on bunny leeches in olive, white or a combination of both. If you are tired of waiting for the Yak to come back into shape, rocky Ford is a great option, and is never blown out. It's spring, go fish!

Rocky Ford PIG.jpg

More Than Just The Yakima...

Not a whole lot of new information to report this week. The Yakima is still out of shape from top to bottom, and it looks like we are still a ways out from fishable flows. For now the Columbia basin will be your best bet for finding fish and fishable water. The basin is full of water, everything from small creeks, to pothole ponds, to giant reservoirs, so whether you are in a boat or fishing on foot, you can find plenty of opportunity to throw some line. Not only are there some great coldwater fisheries in this part of the state, but some of the best warmwater fly-fishing as well. Runoff is a great time to get out and experience some of the variety that makes Washington state such a cool place to be an angler! Give us a call at the shop or shoot us an email for more info.

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Yakima River Update and "Plan B's"

The Yakima is out from top to bottom, and it looks like it's goi ng to be awhile before we see fishable flows again. Our guide staff and guests have been spending time in the Columbia Basin, chasing trout and bass on some of our "Plan B" fisheries, lakes and creeks that provide fishing opportunity throughout much of the year, but really shine during runoff. If you are interested in fishing a desert spring creek, or chasing some bass on the fly, give us a call...we'd love to take you fishing! If your heart is set on fishing the Yakima, now is the time to tie flies and prep your gear, because when the river comes back into shape, we will rolling into our summer dry-fly season!

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