Yakima River Fishing Report

We are deep into the summer season now, with air temps hanging around 100 degrees for the last several days in the valley. With the hot weather, there is no need to be out fishing during the middle of the day; fishing the early morning or late evening hours will provide some great dry-fly opportunity, and you'll be a lot more comfortable to boot.

Stoneflies and caddis are still getting the fishes attention, although there have been some PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Drakes thrown in there as well. A chubby in royal or purple trailed by an elk hair or cdc emerger is still getting it done, although some days the fish seem to want a caddis adult/emerger combo and shy away from the big bug.


Chubby Chernobyl (royal, purple, uv tan) #10-12 PMX (peacock, royal) #8-12 Clodhopper (peach, pink, purple) #10-12 Elk Hair Caddis (peacock, tan) #14-16 CDC emerger (tan, gray) #14-16 Chubby Sally #14


Yakima River Summer Fishing In Full Swing!

Not a lot has changed since our last report, except the air temps are starting to look like what we typically see in July: mid-to-upper 90's with overnight lows up close to 60 degrees. What does this mean for you, the angler? It means fishing early and late, and leaving the middle of the day to the tubers. Sure you can nymph up some fish during the middle of the day, but summer time is dry-fly season, and there are some great opportunities to catch fish on top on the edges of the day.

During the morning hours, the fish are looking up for stonefly imitations for the most part, so flies like Chubby Chernobyls, PMXs, and Stimulators will be solid producers, with sizes #10-12 being the most productive. As far as color goes, don't be afraid to mix it up. While summer stones are tan in color, purple, red, orange and royal are all proven producers this time of year. In the evening, the previously mentioned big dry-flies will fish well, along with a number of patterns that imtitate our evening caddis hatches. If the fish are looking up for caddisflies, an elk hair in #14-16 trailed by a cdc emerger is pretty hard to beat.

We hope to see you out on the water early or late, and whatever time you choose to fish, don't forget to drink lots of water and stay up on the sunscreen! Have a fishy week folks!


Yakima River Fishing Report

Sorry for the lapse in reports, we've been spending a lot of time on the water, and not a whole lot of time in front of the screen lately...that should tell you something about how the fishing has been. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say that the fishing has been pretty awesome lately, with some great dry-fly activity early and late. While there are some fish up eating big dries in the morning hours, our guides are having more consistent success in the evening. Caddis as well as short-wing stoneflies have the fish looking up most nights, and either an elk hair trailed by a cdc emerger, or a chubby in purple or tan trailed by an elk hair are putting fish in the net.

Although we will have plenty of dry-fly opportunities throughout the summer, early in July offers you a shot at fish that have not been pounded on night after night. Not that these fish are dumb or pushovers by any means, just a little more "opportunistic" than they will be come mid-August. Long story short, there is no bad time to go fishing, and the next few weeks are looking particularily appealing. See you out here.