Yakima River Fishing Report: March 19th, 2018

Although tomorrow marks the first official day of spring, things have been feeling pretty spring-like for the past few weeks here in the Kittitas Valley. We are smack dab in the middle of the Skwala stonefly hatch, and with warm, sunny weather today there were stoneflies, caddis and even a few random mayflies hanging around the river.

The dry-fly fishing has been hit-or-miss, or, as one of our guides likes to put it, consistently inconsistent. With lots of bright, sunny days, finding shady banks has been key to getting looks on top. We are to the point in the hatch where the fish have seen a few flies, so takes have been soft and subtle, and you should match your bugs accordingly. Smaller patterns are really starting to shine, think #10-12 with a low profile. Bulletheads and parachute patterns like Skwalameisters are picking up fish, but don't expect them to be jumping in the net left and right. Put in the time, focus on good casts and long, drag-free drifts in the soft water, and you should find a few willing dry-fly eaters.

Early in the day, nymphing has been productive with Pat's, San Juans, CDC Pheasant Tails and YB Hare's Ears. It looks like we have wetter days in the forecast, so keep an eye out for BWO hathes mid-afternoon in addition to Skwala stones. There's lots to be excited about on the Yakima this time of year, we hope to see you out on the water enjoying this spring's fishing!

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Yakima River Skwala Update: March 16th, 2018

I'll keep it brief today:

The dry fly bite has been solid this past week, and it looks like that trend should continue through the weekend. Olive Chubbies, Bullethead Skwalas, and Skwalameisters in #10-12 have all been putting fish in the boat for our guides over the past several days, with some fish picked up nymphing Pat's and San Juans in the mornings before the bugs get going. This is a finicky hatch, so the sooner you can get out on the river the better; if you wait too long you just might miss all the fun!

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Yakima River Fishing Report: March 12th, 2018

The fishing over the weekend was solid...not red hot, but consistent enough to expect to find some quality fish every day. The dry-fly fishing has continued to heat up, although the amount of success you have on the Skwala dry can be very dependent on the stretch of river you are fishing. Overall, the canyon has had a better dry fly bite, with the farmlands and upper river playing a little more inconsistent.

Low-profile bugs are still your best bet, with the Skwalameister and Bullet Head Skwala in #10-12 accounting for a number of fish. Before the topwater action gets going, a nymph rig consisting of a #8-10 Pat's trailed by a San Juan in pink or red has been picking up fish in the walking speed buckets and runs.

In the streamer department, smaller olive or black sculpin imitations like Sculpzillas and Near Nuffs have been producing, although with the Skwala hatch getting going our attention has turned from the streamer somewhat.

It looks like we have warmer weather on the way, so now's the time to get out and enjoy early spring fishing on the state's only blue-ribbon trout stream!

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