Yakima River Fishing Report: November 20th, 2017

The fishing was solid on the Yakima this past weekend, with light crowdsand plenty of hungry fish. Nymphing is still the most effective way to put fish in the net, and that will continue throughout the winter season. Stonefly nymphs trailed by smaller BWO or midge pupa are standard fare for winter nymphers. The water is getting cold and the fish are taking light, so running a yarn indicator vs. the typical 3/4" Thingamabobber can yield a few more hook-ups. Streamer fishing has been a guide favorite over the last few weeks. Fishing a strip-retrieve out of the driftboat has been good, as has swinging flies on lightweight trout spey rods. Best bugs over the past week have been Dali Llamas in olive/white or olive/black, olive Sculpzillas, Moto Minnows in white/natural and hot bead buggers in olive or black. It looks like we may see a bump of water midweek, so if you can get out and fish in the next day, do it! It may be your last chance until after Thanksgiving!

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Yakima River Fishing Report: November 17th, 2017

Things are rolling pretty steady here on the Yakima. Light traffic, stable flows, and overall good fishing this week. As far as the fishing goes, not much has changed over the past seven days. Nymphing is still far and away the most productive tactic for putting fish in the net, with a Pat's in brown and orange trailed by some small BWO imitation like a WD-40, PT or Lightning Bug being the winning combo.Streamer anglers are finding love on Sculpzillas, Dali Llamas, Moto Minnows and a variety of other patterns. Most anglers have a few go-to patterns they fish in the fall, with multiple sizes and colors available to fit the fish's current mood. Lately olive or white or a combination of both have been productive for our guide staff. There are a few fish looking up for dries if you look really hard, and most of that action has been in the upper canyon, but the dry fly opportunities are getting fewer and farther between. The weather has stayed mild and looks like it will for at least the next week, so we hope to see you out and about on our beautiful river!

Yakima River Fishing Report

We saw some great fishing over the weekend, with fish eating the nymph and streamer. The fish have definitely moved into the slower tanks and buckets, so focusing on the soft water from 12pm-4pm will give you the best at chance at a few late-season fish. Nymphing a Pat's trailed by a small (#18-20) BWO or midge imitation is about as good as it gets for those looking to put numbers in the net. Streamers are a great way to put a few "quality" fish in the net this time of year. Dali Llamas and Sculpzillas have been teo standout patterns lately, and over the wekend olive or olive/white seemed to be the best color combo. It looks like we are back to milder conditions again this week, so get out here if you can!

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