Yakima River Winter Fishing Report: January 14, 2018

All the warm weather and melting snow caught up with us, with the Yakima taking a bump of about 500 cfs over the last 24 hours. Up until yeterday evening the river stayed in suprisingly good shape, and fished well for Todd and Stefan who were out on a two-boat guide trip. Pat's stones in coffee/black and pink San Juans were the order of the day, fished in the super slow water with 4-6' of depth. It looks like this push of water will be short lived, so if you can sneak out midweek, a dropping river should kick out some fish. If you are looking to get some fishing in during the last day of the holiday weekend, Rocky Ford will robaly be your best bet, although you can expect some company!

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Yakima River River Winter Fishing Report: January 9th, 2017

Not a whole lot of new info to report here on the Yakima. The fishing did pick up over the weekend with the slightly warmer weather we hasd. The usual winter suspects produced both nymphing and streamer fishing, although nymphing was definitely more productive throughout the day. Pat's in coffee/black, pink San Juans and #18-20 PTs, Lightning Bugs and WD-40s all put fish in the net for those fishing nymph rigs. With the colder water temps of winter, try fishing yarn instead of the standard 3/4" Thingamambobber, it is much more sensitive and will help with those light takes on small flies. Fishing has still not been red-hot for streamer fishermen, but there are some nice fish to be had for those willing to put in the time. What you may miss in quantity is usually made up for in quality, and there is nothing like a solid streamer grab to help you forget about your frozen extremities! Dolly Llamas and Sculpzillas in olive or olive./white are pretty tough to beat this time of year whether swung or stripped from the boat, just think low and slow with your retrieve speed when the water is this cold. It looks like we may see a bump in flows coming this weekend, so keep an eye on the graphs if you plan on getting out in the next few days.

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Yakima River Fishing Report

The fishing was a bit slow for a few of our guides this week, but that is not uncommon for the middle of January. There were a few nice fish put in the net, primarily on small bugs like WD-40s, Brassies and Lightning Bugs, as well as San Juans in pink and red. The streamer bte was virtually non-existent, but that trend should not last long, so if you are on the water this weekend, make sure to carry sink-tip and a few Dali Llamas or Sculpzillas in olive or black. The warmest part of the day is still the best time to put fish in the net, so foucs on the time period from 12pm-4pm. It looks like we have some freezing rain or possibly snow in the forecast, so dress warm and stay safe out there!

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