Yakima River Fly Fishing Report

Sorry for the delay in reports, it has been a very busy October so far. The fishing has been very consistent over the past week, and w=tih fall water levels and stable weather, the Yakima is fishing great from top to bottom. Nymphing early in the day has been solid with an #8-10 Pat's Stone trailed by a WD-40, Copper John or T.Ready Baetis in #16-18 picking up fish in the walking speed water with 3-5' of depth. The dry-fly fishing has been good in the afternoons, especially if there is cloud cover. BWO and Mahogany Dun imitations have beengetting some looks, even when there are no fish up actively feeding. Don't overlook the shallow water when tossing dries, we have been seeing some nice fish picked up out of shallow seams. Don't miss out on all that fall has to offer here on the Yak!

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Yakima River Fishing Report

It looks like we are in for some wind this weekend, but the sun will be out and if you can find a place to tuck out of the wind, the fishingr will be good! We saw some great dry-fly fishing this past week, with October Caddis playing a big role in the trout's diet right now. If you have a fish rise to the OC but refuse it at the last second, try a small parachute pattern like a purple haze or split-wing BWO as a come back fly as there are plenty of small mayflies around too. Swinging October Caddis pupa has been picking up some fish, as well as indicator nymphing or dry-dropper fishing with a tungsten beadhead. Streamer fishing? We haven't been doing a ton of it lately, but it should be pretty good with either sculpin style patterns or smolt imitations. There are a ton of different ways to catch fish right now on the Yak and lots of access both on foot and by boat. See you out here!


Yakima River Fishing Report

The calendar reads October and the fishing and weather definitely reflects the changing of the seasons. We have had some great fishing throughout September, and that should continue through October. Nymphing early in the day with a Pat's/beadhead combo has been effective, switching it up to a dry fly or dry-dropper in the afternoon and evening. There's stil a lot of bug life on the Yakima, and on any given day you can find fish eating October Caddis, Stoneflies, Craneflies and Blue-Wings. The water is low and wade fishing is a great option for those anglers without a boat. For those of you who can float, focus on shorter drifts, working the deeper buckets and troughs over thoroughly. The fish are stacked up this time of year, so where you find one, you'll probably find more.

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