Yakima River Fishing Report: December 11th, 2017

Not much has changed since the last report. The cold and cloudy weather has been hanging around the valley all week, which has kept the river low and clear. Fishing has stayed consistent, and by that I mean there are fish being caught, but the colder weather has kept things in check. Nymphing a Pat's trailed by a San Juan or midge pupa has been producing some good numbers midday. Make sure to focus on the slower, deeper water this time of year with your nymph rigs, and set on any twitch, tap , or bump on that indicator. Yarn can be a beter option than Thingamabobbers or Air-Locks this time of year. Swinging or stripping streamers has been the best way to target the larger fish lately, and olive/white Dali Llamas, olive or black Sculpzillas or hot-bead buggers in olive have all been guide favorites as of late. It looks like we will be seeing a change in weather starting this weekend, with slightly warmer temps on the way, which may make for a great winter bite!

Yak Winter 1.jpg

Yakima River Fishing Report: December 6th, 2017

It's a bit chilly out there, but if you are willing to bundle up and focus your fishing during the warmest part of the day (usually 12-4pm), there are some fish to caught. Nymphing will continue to be the most productive way to catch fish, with a Pat's trailed by either a pink worm or midge pupa. Streamer fishing can be good as well, although there seems to be a lot more variation day-to-day as far as pattern and color preference go, as well as the speed of the retrieve. General rule of thumb is low and slow when the water is cold, so keep that in mind whether you are fishing from the boat or swinging from the bank. Although the weather has turned cold, there is plenty of sunshine in the forecast for this week. Czome enjoy the slow season on the Yakima!

Yakima River Fishing Report: December 4th, 2017

December fishing was good on the Yakima over the weekend, although we started to see some colder weather and wind on Sunday. Nymphing a Pat's trailed by a pink worm or midge pupa was productive, as was streamer fishing with Dali Llamas, Little Rascals and Hot-Bead Buggers in olive and white. With colder weather settling in, focus on fishing water that is walking speed or slower, with 4-6 feet of depth. The water isn't warming up until midday, so noon to 4 or 5pm will be the most productive time to fish. Stay warm and have fun out there, winter fishing is here!